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Ashli: Young Slutty Fun
Submitted by PussyRockr: College girls are so cute... and such fucking naive sluts! This whore is no exception, when she makes a sex tape with her ex, fucks around and expects to believe her dude when he says he'll delete the tape? Bitch is on Real Ex-Girlfriends for a reason!
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Kayla: Cock Sucking Shower
Submitted by Otter30: Dirty whores need to be cleaned off and fucked in the shower, after all thats just how they like it! This guys Ex girlfriend not only fucked him over but she made him tape them fucking in shower and get this, it was the Ex girlfriend that sent us the tape!
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Holly: Horny Goodbye Fuck
Submitted by Cuntluv: Holly is a good old fashioned girl who was in love and devoted ... to sucking cock! As sweet as she appeared she was just another wild nympho who couldn't stop fucking around this dude's back. This tape was made before the guy finally got the balls to dump her. Of course we see why he didn't want to let go of that hot round ass and perfect tits!
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Layna: Tattooed And Screwed
Submitted by TattzBitchez69: These whores are such hot bitches and they're exactly that, whores! This guy sent us a tape in from Oregon telling us how much he wants to fuck this slut over for screwing some other dude behind his back. Thing is the other dude was the tattoo artist that inked both of them... Good thing for us, we get to see this bitch fuck like a real whore, hot facial and all!
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Marie: Rough Fuck Slut
Submitted by Slutbangr: Don't you hate it when you find a gorgeous slut but than find out she fucked your brother, or roommate, or dad!? Haha, This dude's whore of an ex banged his brother and when he found out he kept his mouth shut, busted out the video camera, and kept his cock out for that whore to suck. Although she is into the rough fucking, this revenge video is what makes it all just that much more rougher!
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Holly: On The Side Fuck
Submitted by PlayaGetsIt: Some guys have all the luck! This guy sent in a video of not only a really hot smoking, young, petite, perfect bodied blond he has been fucking but he tells us he's fucking ANOTHER drop dead gorgeous whore on the side!!! This video is fucking hot though! This slut goes down and fucks with so much damn energy its amazing!!!
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Vanessa: Home Made Surprise
Submitted by HitnRunYo: Who doesn't love fucking a hot little slut of a girlfriend? This guy sent us a real hot video of his Ex from a few months ago and his reason was to get back at her for taking his computer when they broke up. I bet that whore will fucking love it when she looks at her sucking his cock and riding the dick online!!
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Steph & Cassie: Naughty Creampie Whore
Submitted by 3somemonster: Stephanie and Kaya are such best friends they decided to share everything, even Kaya's boyfriend's cock!!! This Real video is so fucking hot!!!! This is one lucky bastard having two smoking hot girls suck his cock and even get to fuck his girlfriends best friend...Hard! These girls don't hold back and show off how horny they make each other feel!!
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